Monday, May 16, 2005

Xbox 360 Specs

There is some awesome hardware in the new Xbox 360. It is expected to be shipping about December 2006, and sell for $300-$400 (I can hear the parents yelling 'ouch' out there). It is expect that Microsoft is going to take a lose on the hardware again like it did with the original XBox to increase sales of the hardware and make the real money on the games.

Here are some of the hardware specifications:
  • 20GB hard drive, that is detachable and upgradeable. (Original Xbox only had an 8GB non-removable hard drive.)
  • (3) dual-core CPUs running at 3.2GHz each (these CPUs are water cooled). (Original Xbox only had one 733 MHz CPU).
  • 512MB of RAM (Original Xbox only had 64MB of RAM).
  • (3) USB ports and (2) memory cards slots (each memory card can hold 64MB). (Original Xbox only had none of these ports) The memory cards can be used to used to save your games to play them on other people's consoles.
  • Built-in extender for Windows XP Media Center. It can also play CDs and DVDs and supports HD.
  • Support up to four wireless controllers.
  • Removable front faceplate.
See the following web site for more XBox 360 specs.

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