Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Software: Best Deal on Microsoft Office for the Home

If you have ever used  Microsoft Office, then you might agree its one of the best commercial Office software suites available.  I want to point out I make a distinction when I say "best commercial Office suite", if you're looking for a free office suite check out LibreOffice.  I will note LibreOffice formerly part of OpenOffice, but it's a long story, but these are now two separate projects.

Although to come back to the original topic, the problem with Microsoft Office was that it felt too expensive for the home.  For example, the current version of Microsoft Office Professional lists for $399 (MSRP) per copy.  Although, if you purchase an Office365 subscription, you can get it for 5 PCs (or Macs) in your house for $99 a year, plus any updates.  There is also some additional extras (like extra SkyDrive storage and Skype minutes every month), but check out the offer for more details.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Video: The Social Revolution - (From: Remember Me Video Game)

Video: The Quarter Life Crisis

I remember being in my mid-20s when this happen to me.  Video description: "A video about growing up, being an adult, the anxiety that comes with adulthood, and defining your own life. This is a love letter to anyone in their 20's."

Video: The NEW Periodic Table Song

Tom Lehrer sang the original "Element Song" in 1959, which was about all the elements in the Periodic Table at the time.  Since then new elements have been added, so the educators at ASAP SCIENCE updated the song.  The new song covers all the elements in their correct order.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Video: Google Glass 2.0: What If We Had Glass?

Video description: "Now that we all have seen Google Glass we tried to think beyond version one. We wanted to visualize how heads up displays can affect our interactions with information, each other and the world.  For more information check out:­-google-glass"

Video:3D Scanning at the Smithsonian

I am really impressed with modern 3D scanning, it has the potential to allow general viewing and the ability to study different objects and artifacts in ways that would normally be impossible or limited only to an elite few.

Video description: "What can you do to bring some of the Smithsonian's 137 million objects to life? Put them in 3D!

This is a full-time job for two of the Smithsonian's very own "laser cowboys," Vince Rossi and Adam Metallo, who work in the Smithsonian's 3D Digitization Program Office. They work hard to document, in very high three-dimensional detail, many of our priceless and important collections so that the objects are available for research, education and general interest.

Smithsonian 3D Digitization on Facebook:

Gunboat Philadelphia:

Cornell Imaging:

Smithsonian Gardens' orchid collections:

Euglossa ignita bee:"

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Video: SNL reviews Google Glass (Comedy)

Video description: "Seth welcomes tech blogger Randall Meeks, who has high praise for the Google Glass."