Thursday, January 29, 2004

Fun with ASCII Text:
- Create your own ASCII-graphics with Characterizer.
- Convert any picture into ASCII
- Converts JPG images to ASCII images

Very Useless Sites:
- Creates a Cyborg name for you from your first name.
- Virtual bubblewrap (stress reliever)
- Morphases face editor
- Huge URL - makes small URL bigger

For example: this site converts this '',
into this mess:

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Video Games for Excel

Play two classic video games (Pac-Man & Space Invaders) within Microsoft Excel (97 and 2000). These games look and sound like the real games.

The web site that hosts the links is written half in Japanese and other half in English, so the site's contents is little criptic.

To download the game directory, use the links below:
- PACELMAN (Pac-Man)
- CELLVADER (Space Invaders)

Sunday, January 11, 2004

When Political Correctness Goes Too Far

I first need state that I agree with general principals of the Political Correctness (PC) movement. I believe that we should respect other people's ethnic, cultural, religious, etc.. (aka differences). Although, the real question is should we embrace other people's differences? The answer is no; should we respect them, but within the limits society, cultural, and the law.

The problem with anything PC is that there are extremist in these groups that take it way too far. For example the following article on CNN entitled: "'Master' and 'slave' computer labels unacceptable, officials say". I respect that these labels can be offensive to certain groups if taken out of context, but I think that this is getting just too anal retentive.

You might as well write Merriam-Webster, and request that they remove these terms from the English dictionary. Maybe we should also stop referring to plugs and connectors in the context of male and female, because it might make teenagers want to have more sex!

There are a lot bigger problems in this world that need to be solved first, like: starving, suffering people who need our help. Let's fix these issues first, then let's worry about other much smaller issues.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Security With Scissors
This is a funny security poster.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Domain URL Spoofing

A relatively new vulnerability which was originally reported as far back as December 9, 2003, allows a malicious person to create web sites that look exactly like the real one with a 'spoofed' web addresses to match. When a user visits one of these spoofed sites, the URL in the address bar of IE it will look as if they're at real site.

Unfortunately, Microsoft still has not released a patch for this exploit. So, to avoid being taken by this scam, below are two tricks that can help you:

Trick 1: If you go to a web site or page, and you want to verify its real URL address of it just, add the following shortcut to your browser's favorites. Right-click the following link, and select 'Add to Favorites'.

All you have to do is click the shortcut in the browser after visiting a web page, and it will show you the real address of the web site.

Trick 2: Below are two non-Microsoft patches that can be installed to prevent this problem:
- I.E. Security Patch
- DomainSpoofFilter