Monday, May 02, 2005

CineCopia - Online DVD's Trading Service

CineCopia is an interesting idea, its an online DVD trading service. It works by allowing you and others to contribute and make DVDs part of a national searchable database. Members can search the database and request movies that they want to view by clicking on the title on the CineCopia web site. Cinecopia then will generate an e-mail requesting the owner to send the DVD to the requester. Then they will provide a pre-paid envelope to the owner to ship the DVD to the requester.

This is not a free service it costs about .99 cents per request, but it could prove to be cheaper (or more expensive) then the alternatives. The nice thing is that there are no monthly service fees.

Although, I see some possible problems with the whole online DVD trading concept:
- The condition of the DVDs that you receive. DVDs are not the most durable medium, so as they're shipped around they're going to get scratched. Eventually they will become un-playable.
- The quality and quantity of the movie titles made available. If people are going to be making these movies available, then they're probably not going to be the best selections. They're probably going to be duds of their collection. Although, I could be wrong, this is just what I assume about human nature.

For more information about the service check the FAQ page. To see the title in their database, check out this page.
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