Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No WiFi For You

No WiFi For You

The Whole Internet Truth

The Whole Internet Truth

A Sign From Above

A Sign From Above

Article: The "Unlocked Phones" Ruling: The Facts (Gearlog)

Gearlog reports: "As a Thanksgiving present to American consumers, the US copyright office last week recommended that Americans be allowed to unlock their cell phones. This is so enticing, so exciting, and so confusing, that I thought I'd give a little rundown on what it actually does and doesn't mean."

This is great news for cellular consumers. The nice thing about the ruling is that it gives you the right to go to a third party to get your phone unlocked legally.

Personal, several months ago after being with my carrier for almost a year I requested the code to unlock my phone and they complied without any problems. So the ruling is a small victory, but none the less a victory.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Equinox - It Runs on Water (Free Energy - 1995)

Here is a except about video (Note: I didn't write this.): "On Sunday, 17 December 1995, viewers in U.K. saw an hour-long T V. program which, at long last, puts across the clear message that "free energy" is on the way.

In the opening stages Arthur C. Clarke explained how there were four stages in the way scientists react to the development of anything of a revolutionary nature. "Free energy" was now working its way through these four stages of reaction, which were:

a: "It's nonsense,"
b: "It is not important,"
c: "I always said it was a good idea," and
d: "I thought of it first."

The scene moved to Rome, Georgia where Jim Griggs of Hydrodynamics, Inc. demonstrated the assembly and operation of a "hydrosonic water pump" which operated over-unity by producing hot water or steam with energy in excess of the electrical energy input to the pump motor. "Over-unity" was confirmed by satisfied customers, including the Albany Fire Station, where engineers from the "local university" and the "local power company" had been called in to verify the over-100% efficiency."

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The PS3 Aftermath: Scams, Violence, Supply and More...

I have been going back through some of the recent news archives from various sources about the PlayStation 3 (PS3) launch. I found an amazing array of stories of people getting scammed, robbed, abused and more.

Below are links and excerpts to some of the stories that I found. This list is not complete but it does give a sample of the stories that are available if you look for them:

Short Supply
Originally Sony said it was going to ship 400,000 unit to the US in 2006, then changed its story and cut the supply in half. This caused major havoc in the supply chain.
Failed Systems
Its seems like some of the new PS3 systems that were shipped were DOA (Dead on Arrival), or had some failing parts. I wonder if Sony will have enough systems replace the failed units in a timely manor?
eBay Scams
New PS3s have been selling for thousands of dollars on eBay buy people trying to make a quick profit on these systems. Some of the scams are almost funny, but like anything its buyer beware. Remember: make sure that you carefully read the description on any eBay sales, its basically a contract between you and the seller.
  • Example 1: Someone buys 3 original PlayStations (NOT three PlayStation 3's) for USD$900 dollars. No Controllers or Games included.
  • Example 2: Someone paid USD$1100 to buy the contact information of someone who might be selling a PS3.
  • Example 3: Someone bought a picture of the PS3 for $840 Canadian dollars.
Both buyers and sellers could have lost more then their PS3s, they could have lost their lives. Its amazing what people will steal, or do if they can make any money off of it.
Strange Stories
Below are just strange stories about people trying to buy PS3s, and some of the lengths they went to. Some of these stories are just craziness in my opinion humble opinion.

Video: Patrick Stewart Alphabet

This video show Patrick Stewart in full custom singing a vaudeville type alphabet song, while aboard the bridge of the Enterprise. You almost expect it to be one those clips that are thrown together from fragments of the show but its not. Enjoy...

Video: Full-Length Harry Potter Trailer

A full-length trailer of the new Harry Potter film is now available for you to watch. The movie is due for release in July 2007.

Video: Kids Magic Trick

Here is a simple magic trick that you can teach your kids. The great thing is that all it requires is:
  • Bowl of water
  • Pepper
  • A drop of liquid dish soap

Consumer Reports: The Best Places to Buy Stuff

Consumer Reports: " One of Consumer Reports’ greatest strengths is the ability to tap into experiences of hundreds of thousands of serious shoppers on subjects as diverse as restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and theme parks. Year after year, our Annual Questionnaire provides fodder for some of the best-read stories in the magazine and on our Web site, in which we rate the stores and services people rely on day-in and day-out. "

Here is an article to checkout before you go shopping for your holiday gifts.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving....

To all my readers here in the USA, I just want to say to you 'Happy Thanksgiving...' to you...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Microsoft Zune Review

ExtremeTech reports: "I'm not sure who's 'fault' it is, but the Zune has been all over the web for the past several weeks. As soon as it became known that Microsoft was preparing its own portable media device and service, the phrase 'iPod Killer' was attached to it. Whatever Microsoft's intentions, it was going toe-to-toe with a well-established product that absolutely dominates the portable media category. In one fell swoop, Microsoft is now expected to somehow de-throne the iPod. It has to offer all the iPod's features and more, at the same or lower price. It needs to look better, work better, offer better content, shine your shoes, walk your dog, and prepare your taxes. Anything else is an abject failure. Or is it?"

This is the best and most complete review of Microsoft's new Zune media player I have read so far. Most of the praise and criticism is very balance which I appreciate from any news source.

Photos: Legos, from the factory to you

CNET News.com reports "They're just small, brightly colored pieces of plastic, right? Wrong. Legos are enduringly popular toy bricks and more that for a half-century have fueled the imaginations of everyone from preschoolers to craft-minded adults. The sign on this wall at a Lego store in New Jersey sums it up in just four words: What will you make?"

It seems like the Lego Group, based in Billund, Denmarkis going through some tough times right now. They're moving manufacturing to countries where labor is less expensive, and they have sold off their Legoland amusement parks.

Article: The Geek's Guide to Holiday Gift-Giving

eWEEK Labs analysts put together a slide show of products that they recommend for making your working live merry and bright. Anyone want to buy me a "Microsphere M2 Workstation"?

Article: The 13 Most Embarrassing Web Moments

PC World reports: "The Internet is the most efficient information distribution system ever known. But if you're not careful, it's also the perfect way to embarrass yourself in front of the entire world."

Some of these are interesting, but I would not say they're the best choices. I will have to do some research and post my own list.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Video: Male Restroom Etiquette

All men of the world can find common ground in these simple rules of "evacuation" etiquette.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Article; Need a place to crash? Try a stranger's couch

CNN.com reports: "Jim Stone, a 29-year-old from west Texas, has been traveling nonstop since March of 2004. ... Sometimes in a pickup truck and other times on a motorcycle, he's trekked through much of the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. But he's slept in a hotel just one night over that stretch of nearly 1,000. ... That's because Stone is part of a growing network of people online who've gone a step beyond hotels, hostels and even apartment swapping in their travel planning: They sleep on each others' couches."

Looking for a cheap places to stay when you travel, read this article. If you're looking for cheap travel, check out the wonderful world of Freighter Travel

Video: Take an in-depth look at the Microsoft Zune

CNET News.com reports: "The Microsoft Zune, with its intuitive interface and solid playback performance, will please most users. But lukewarm format support and the cool, but limited Wi-Fi capability will have advanced users seeking more. The Zune is a very good start, though. CNET's James Kim takes a look."

This is the first balanced report that I have seen that doesn't just trash the Zune just because it's from Microsoft. I have made it clear in the past that I am no iPod lover, but I will say its one of those devices that really changed, define, and legitimized the MP3 market.

Video: Laptop Battery Explodes

"We intentionally created conditions in which the Li-ON battery pack would explode inside a generic portable. The results are dramatic. There are numerous conditions where these fires can occur in real life. Faulty battery packs (driving the recalls), faulty protection circuits inside the PC, exposure to excessive heat, and blunt force are some of the major ways that this could happen to you."

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sci Fi Talent Agency

Have you ever wondered where they come up with the characters for sci-fi shows and movies?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Article: Sun Pours Out Java Cup

eWeek reports: "Sun on Nov. 13 released at www.sun.com/java all versions of Java-Standard, Enterprise and Micro Edition-under GNU GPL (General Public License) Version 2.0. ... 'This undoubtedly is the largest single open-source contribution in the history of IT,' Rich Green"

Today is an historic day for the Java programming language...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Joke: BlueScreen Screen Saver v3.2

Looking for a good harmless practical joke to play on your friends, install the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) screen saver. Also make sure to check out my other article 'Harmless Computer Practical Jokes'.

"One of the most feared colors in the NT world is blue. The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) will pop up on an NT system whenever something has gone terribly wrong. Bluescreen is a screen saver that not only authentically mimics a BSOD, but will simulate startup screens seen during a system boot.
  • On NT 4.0 installations it simulates chkdsk of disk drives with errors!
  • On Win2K and Windows 9x it presents the Win2K startup splash screen, complete with rotating progress band and progress control updates!
  • On Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 it present the XP/Server 2003 startup splash screen with progress bar!
Bluescreen cycles between different Blue Screens and simulated boots every 15 seconds or so. Virtually all the information shown on Bluescreen's BSOD and system start screen is obtained from your system configuration - its accuracy will fool even advanced NT developers. For example, the NT build number, processor revision, loaded drivers and addresses, disk drive characteristics, and memory size are all taken from the system Bluescreen is running on.

Bluescreen runs on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 9x (it requires DirectX)."

Video: Cutest Cat Video Ever...

A complination of kittens and cats doing funny things.

Video: "Office Space" Recut

The movie 'Office Space' has been recut into a slasher/thriller trailer. Seems like someone took one too many staplers from Milton.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Article: Microsoft Zune Review

PC Magazine reports: "The Microsoft Zune ($249.99 list) is a shot across iPod's bow. I got a first-hand look at the Toshiba-built, Microsoft-designed digital music player and the associated software and supporting Web site and all I can say is 'Wow.'"

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Article: Woz highlights celebration of Apple's history

CNET News.com reports: "If there's one machine that more than any other shaped the future of the computer business, it almost surely is the Apple I. ... And what do you get when you bring together four of the Apple I team members--including Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak--behind that groundbreaking computer? A lovefest."

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Video: Extreme Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments II - The Domino Effect

The guys from EepyBird are back, with 251 bottles of Diet Coke and over 1,500 Mentos mints. In Experiment #137, they did a mint-powered version of the Bellagio fountains. This time, it's one giant Coke & Mentos chain reaction that has to be seen to be believed.

If you don't know about these guys, check out their first video.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Video: Microsoft's Zune zooms into CNET Networks

CNET News.com reports: "Due to launch on November 14, the Zune is Microsoft's addition to the growing portable MP3 player market. Today, we got the chance to try one out before they hit store shelves."

For more information, check out Zune.net.

Air Force To Set Up Cyberspace Command

PC Magaine reports: "The U.S. Air Force plans to set up what could become a major command aimed at safeguarding U.S. military and civilian cyberspace, Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne said on Thursday. ... Wynne, speaking at a military communications and intelligence conference, said U.S. vulnerabilities in cyberspace included financial networks, satellite communications, and radar and navigational jamming."

I think I would like to work for a place like this...

Article: PlayStation 3 shines in prelaunch test

CNET News.com reports: "I'm standing in a room full of gamers in what must certainly feel to some like heaven: Sony's PlayStation 3 prelaunch press event. ... From the street, it's not clear why such an event would matter, but inside, on two floors filled almost literally to the rafters with high-definition TVs and PS3s, it's obvious that this is the center of the video game universe today. And that's borne out by the fact that nearly every important American video game journalist is on hand."

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) will be launched 11/17. If you have $500-600 burning a hole in your pocket here is a place to spend it.

Best Funny Commercials: The Sequel

A little while ago did article called 'Top 10 Best Commercials of All Time', now I am doing its sequel. These are some great commercials that were not mention in the original article either because I forgot about them or I didn't know they existed.

Warning: Some of these commercials can be tasteless, or borderline obscene. Viewer discretion is advised.
Honorable Mentions

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Article: Intel's Quad-Core CPU (codenamed Kentsfield) Arrives...and Delivers

PC Magazine reports: "Intel still has something of the killer instinct it once had, that paranoia that ex-CEO Andy Grove proclaimed frequently. So today, Intel is launching the Core 2 Extreme Q6700 quad-core processor. Built using two Core 2 Duo dies, the QX6700 is essentially two dual-core CPUs in a single package. This allows it to look like a single processor, which is important for operating system licensing. Microsoft counts the sockets, not the number of cores, in Windows licensing."

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Security Watch: RFID-enabled credit card theft -

CNET reports: "There's that old expression that waving money around only tempts thieves. Now, the multimillion-dollar RFID smart-card industry has made waving around your credit (and your credit history) that much easier for thieves to steal. New contactless credit cards, which use RFID technology, broadcast your credit information to credit card readers, so thieves, using equipment that costs less than $200, can now eavesdrop on the wireless transmission."

The convenience of the new RFID credit cards are not worth the security risks associated with them. To me, waving my card in front of an RFID card reader requires the same time and energy as swiping it through a standard card reader.

I don't see the convenience advantages of these cards. So the real question is why would I want to use an RFID credit card that could easily allow someone to steal my information?