Monday, January 24, 2005

Do you ever have the need to send a large file (such as: audio or video) to a friend or relative, but you can't send it via email because of attachment size limitation imposed by your or reciever's the mail provider.

There is an anwser to this problem, allows you to send large files (up to 1GB) to someone else. The great thing about this service is there: are no passwords to share, no software to install, no accounts to create, and no full mailboxes.

How it work:
- Enter the Recipient's email address, to whom you want to sent the file to. You can specify multiple email addresses by separating them with commas.
- Select a file to send. Your file will be stored by YouSendIt without ever filling up your recipient's mailbox.
- Click on Send. YouSendIt will automatically email your recipient a link to your file stored on our server.

Note: The file you send will be deleted off their servers after seven days.
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