Thursday, January 20, 2005

Airbus A380 the Double-Decker SuperJumbo Jet

There's amazing new jet, its called the Airbus A380, it is a what they call a 'double-decker superjumbo jet'. Below are some stats on the new A380:

- It has room for 70 cars to park on its wings.
- It can seat 555 passengers in a normal configuration, 800 passengers in an all-economy layout on both decks for cheap charter flights.
- Each plane will costs about $260 million.
- Due to enter service in 2006

Virgin Airlines is considering buying some of these planes, and is considering plans to put a beauty therapist area, a gym, a casino, and double beds into the models it buys.

For more information see CNet's article.

Personal Note: I wonder if this plane is doomed to same fate as the Concorde, it is an amazing plane but it might be too much. I am not expert in the field of the airline industry, but unless you can keep one of these things full it might be a losing proposition for any company to run them.
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