Monday, October 09, 2006

Article: Why Microsoft's Zune scares Apple to the core

ComputerWorld reports: "Apple fans assume iPod will face Zune in the market, mano a mano, like other media players. But that's not the case. Zune will be supported and promoted and will leverage the collective power of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Soapbox (Microsoft's new "YouTube killer") and the Xbox 360."

I have made it clear in the past that I am no iPod fan. Its a great device, but I can't stand the cult following it has. All I am going to say is that its a glorified MP3 player, and get over it.

Microsoft's Zune has a few cool features that the current generation of iPods don't have. Such as a larger screen, and WiFi.

Personally one thing I like about the Zune's DRM is the subscription feature that allows you to download all the music you want. If I have to have DRM encoded files, I would prefer an 'all-I-can-eat' package. That way if I don't want the device anymore, I am not stuck with a lot of music I can't listen to at a later date. Then if there's some music I really want, I will buy the CD.
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