Monday, October 02, 2006

Article: Silicon vs. CIGS: With solar energy, the issue is material

CNET reports: "The booming solar industry is in the midst of an argument over which material will become dominant in the future for harvesting sunlight and turning it into electricity. Solar panels made from crystalline silicon currently account for more than 90 percent of the solar infrastructure today. ... Panels that harvest energy with CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) cost far less to make and install, say backers."

Crystalline or CIGS, personally I don't care which one wins as long as it's efficient, reliable and low-cost. Right now it seems like CIGS is the winner in theory, but we will have to see what happens. The market place will ultimately decide which one is better.

This article is a good read... Although it might only wet your appetite, and leave you wanting to know more about CIGS. For more information on CIGS check out this site.
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