Saturday, October 28, 2006

Article: IBM Uses 'Veins' of Water, Thermal Paste to Cool Chips

ExtremeTech reports: "IBM said Thursday that it had developed two methods to cool the surface of its chips, both based on networks of tiny channels used to funnel thermally-conductive substances."

As computers go faster and faster, they generate more and more heat. So people are having to invent better ways for cooling these chips, first they used heatsinks, then added fans, then have progressed to liquid cooling. IBM has taken heatsinks and liquid cooling to the next level with their technology.

Historical note: The Cray-2 used an inert substance called Fluorinert for cooling its processors. Fluorinert, was developed by 3M as a blood plasma replacement, it was also featured in the movie the Abyss where a mouse was immersed in a cup and could apparently breathe in it.
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