Thursday, October 26, 2006

Article: Google Copies Rollyo's Business Plan, Inserts AdSense

Google Watch reports: "Google unveiled today a new customizable search engine that can be added to any Web site. The new service, called Google Custom Search Engine and built off the Google Co-op technology, will ostensibly help publishers attune search experiences to their specific audiences while giving Google more inventory on which to place its AdSense advertisements."

Steve Bryant did a great review of the Google Custom Search Engine (GCSE). I am still playing with the technology to say whether I really like it or I dislike it. Although, what I have seen of it so far I like.

GCSE allows you to create a 'search container' (this is what I am calling it) of sites that you can limit your search to. For example: I can create a search engine of just my blogs (IMHO, and Windows Tip of the Day) that I can make available for anyone to search. I can also limit any search results on my GCSE site to the content from just those sites.
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