Friday, October 06, 2006

40 Years of Star Trek...

Star Trek is now 40 years old. I remember watching the Original Series in re-runs as a kid, and really enjoying it. In fact it inspired my love for Sci-Fi.

When I was younger I was a hard core Star Trek geek, but then as I got older I toned down my adoration for the series. I still enjoy it, but now I don't need to know all the trivia about it.

Confessions of a Star Trek Geek:
I have watched every single Star Trek movie ever created, and some even more then once (can you say 'The Wrath of Khan'). I also hated Star Trek V 'The Final Frontier', like the majority of fans of the series.

I have watched every single episode of the original series more then once, including the cartoon. I believe I have seen all the episodes of the Next Generation.

I have watch most (well at least three quarters) of the Deep Space 9 episodes, but I have not watched all the Voyager episodes (I think I have only seen half at the most). I also have missed the majority of episodes from the Enterprise series.

Auction at Christie's
Christie's is holding an auction from Oct. 5-7, in honor of the anniversary of Star Trek. This is the first official studio auction of memorabilia from all five Star Trek television series and ten movie spinoffs.
Your 2-Cents
If you have any comments (such as your favorite Star Trek movie or TV series) that you would like to add to this article please post them. I would really enjoy reading them.
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