Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Security Watch: RFID-enabled credit card theft -

CNET reports: "There's that old expression that waving money around only tempts thieves. Now, the multimillion-dollar RFID smart-card industry has made waving around your credit (and your credit history) that much easier for thieves to steal. New contactless credit cards, which use RFID technology, broadcast your credit information to credit card readers, so thieves, using equipment that costs less than $200, can now eavesdrop on the wireless transmission."

The convenience of the new RFID credit cards are not worth the security risks associated with them. To me, waving my card in front of an RFID card reader requires the same time and energy as swiping it through a standard card reader.

I don't see the convenience advantages of these cards. So the real question is why would I want to use an RFID credit card that could easily allow someone to steal my information?
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