Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Microsoft Zune Review

ExtremeTech reports: "I'm not sure who's 'fault' it is, but the Zune has been all over the web for the past several weeks. As soon as it became known that Microsoft was preparing its own portable media device and service, the phrase 'iPod Killer' was attached to it. Whatever Microsoft's intentions, it was going toe-to-toe with a well-established product that absolutely dominates the portable media category. In one fell swoop, Microsoft is now expected to somehow de-throne the iPod. It has to offer all the iPod's features and more, at the same or lower price. It needs to look better, work better, offer better content, shine your shoes, walk your dog, and prepare your taxes. Anything else is an abject failure. Or is it?"

This is the best and most complete review of Microsoft's new Zune media player I have read so far. Most of the praise and criticism is very balance which I appreciate from any news source.
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