Monday, April 24, 2006

Top 10 Geek Films of All Time

I hate to admit this, but I am a major movie fan. So I decided to create my own top 10 list of geek films of all-time. These are movies that just about every geek would love.

It was hard to narrow the list down to just 10 movies, there were several good choices that I had to omit. Whenever you create a list like this, some people will totally disagree with your choices, while others may totally agree with you.

I specifically chose not to put the movies into a numeric list because I could not decide which was the best and which was the worst. So I sorted them alphabetically instead.
  • Fifth Element
  • Indiana Jones (series)
  • Kill Bill (series)
  • Lord of The Rings (series)
  • Matrix (series)
  • Minority Report
  • Star Wars (series)
  • Terminator
  • Tron
  • War Games
You may have noticed that some comedies are missing from this list. This is because tomorrow I will publish my top 10 list of geek comedy films of all-time.

if you want to post your own list, addition, or comment, just click the link below to give your feedback...
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