Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Prius hits 113mpg (Article)

Auto Express reports: "The firm's (Toyota) next Prius will be so efficient it will be the first production car capable of returning more than 110mpg."

Finally a Prius, that I would consider buying. The first generation of this car, only got mediocre gas mileage. In fact there were a few gasoline only engines that had gas mileage that was comparable.

One of the major points that you need to consider when buying one of these vehicles, is they get their best mileage when driving in slow and stop and go traffic. On the open road where you're able to drive at a faster speed, the car uses the gasoline engine more to power the vehicle.

The current Prius owners have car hacks (i.e. modifications) available to them to extend the MPG of their vehicles. Some of these modification include plugging the car into your house power at night, others include firmware upgrades to the car. See the following Google result set for more information.
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