Thursday, April 20, 2006

Anthology Solutions Yellow Machine P400T (review)

I am a big fan of network attached devices, such as NAS (Network Attach Storage), network attached printers, etc.. PC Magazine's just reviewed one of the coolest network devices I have ever seen. Its from a company called 'Anthology Solutions', and the device is called 'Yellow Machine P400T'.

What makes this device so cool is the that fact that it has so many great features. Although, some of the features may already be handled by other devices on your network (such as your broadband router).

Here is an except from the article, "Why buy and support a NAS device, router, firewall, switch, and Web server when your small business can get the same features in one toaster-size package -the Anthology Solutions Yellow Machine P400T? It supports RAID 0, 0+1, and 5 (the default), builds in 8 Ethernet ports, offers network services like DHCP, HTTP, and FTP, and is preloaded with excellent backup software- Retrospect Professional. I tested a P400T that came with four 250MB drives."
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