Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Site of the Week: Pageflakes

PC Magazine reports: "This incredibly versatile Web start-page builder takes personal portals up a notch. Pageflakes even surpasses the new My Yahoo!, Windows Live personal page, and iGoogle, which it resembles. Pageflakes is all about the widgets, which it calls 'flakes.' And though there aren't as many different ones as there are actual snowflakes, there are already nearly 240,000 of them! Flakes let you add just about any Web content you can think of—video, picture, news feeds, e-mail, maps, online storage—or you can create your own custom flakes. Once you've chosen (via the slick interface) which flakes to add to your start page, a fluid, breathtakingly intuitive AJAX interface lets you customize to your heart's content. If you like the idea of a personal portal, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. If you've never tried building one, it's time."
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