Monday, September 11, 2006

Flying-car firm releases simulator, takes deposits

CNET reports: "Terrafugia, a "roadable aircraft" developer that emerged out of MIT, has devised a flight simulator for its aircraft (which can be downloaded here). ... Potential buyers can also now plunk down $7,400, or 5 percent of the anticipated $148,000 purchase price, for a deposit on a Transition. The planes will come out in late 2009."

For those of you who have been waiting years to see a real production flying car (or a 'roadable aircraft' as Terrafugia wants it called) your waiting is almost over (well in maybe 2-3+ years). Hopefully Terrafugia will be able to deliver what they're promising, unfortunately I am not holding my breathe, I have heard these promises before and have been let down.

For example: Moller International SkyCar, was suppose to be the first vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicle ever. It was also suppose to cruises at a smooth 350 mph, has a range of 900 miles, gets around 28 miles to the gallon. Anyone seen a SkyCar lately? IMHO: The Moller International SkyCar looks better the Terrafugia Transition.
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