Saturday, June 03, 2006

Scientists ponder invisibility cloak (article)

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports: "WASHINGTON -- Imagine an invisibility cloak that works just like the one Harry Potter inherited from his father. Researchers in England and the United States think they know how to do that. They are laying out the blueprint and calling for help in developing the exotic materials needed to build a cloak."

The material technology required to make this cloak of invisibility sounds almost science fictionish, but the scientist believe that one day we will be able to create it. Basically the way it works is that light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation would strike the cloak and simply flow around it. To an onlooker it would appear as if they're seeing right through the cloak.

In August of 2003 Wired did an article called "Being Invisible" about a type of 'cloak of invisibility' but far less sophisticated then what is being talked about above. Here is excerpt from the article: "With recent advances in optics and computing, however, this elusive goal is no longer purely imaginary. Last spring, Susumu Tachi, an engineering professor at the University of Tokyo, demonstrated a crude invisibility cloak. Through the clever application of some dirt-cheap technology, the Japanese inventor has brought personal invisibility a step closer to reality." Here is a video to show you what I am talking about.
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