Friday, June 16, 2006 (Net Neutrality, just say No)

The current hot political topic on the Internet these days seems to be the battle over 'Net Neutrality'. If you have not heard about it, its about Internet Service Providers (ISPs) wanting to control what content you access by setting up 'tiered service' to limit your ability to access different sites. They can do this by slowing down your connection to that site, or by blocking access to it all together.

You might ask why would the ISPs want to do this? Well, its about them trying to make more money by charging web site owners fees so that you can get fast access to their site. Its also about them setting up exclusive deals with sites, and giving them preferential treatment. So in theory the ISP can hinder or block your access to one site, so that you will go to a site that has an exclusive arrangement with that ISP.

A site called is trying to start a grass roots movement against 'tiered Internet service'. Their asking visitors to call or write their congressmen to stop the ISPs from implementing tiered service. Also, to support the cause, an all female rock group called 'The Broadband' has created a new single entitled, "God Save the Internet." (IMHO its a really good song.)

If you still don't understand Net Neutrality, the video below includes a dramatization that will hopefully make it a little clearer. If you understand Net Neutrality the video is still pretty funny to watch.

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