Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Stan Meyer (Fraud or Genius)

I recently discovered information about a person named Stan Meyer who created a device called a Water Fuel Cell (WFC). There is a lot of controversy surrounding his invention and whether it really works as efficiently as he says or its just a fraud.

The WFC is suppose to convert just about any type of water into usable hydrogen. So instead of carrying a tank of this explosive gas, all you have to carry is water. The technology was suppose to be adaptable to conventional cars that we have today. This technology can go a long way to solving the problem with our dependency on foreign oil.

I also believe in theory, this technology could have a dark side. It could create water shortage problems in places like L.A. where they're barely meeting the demands now. This technology could also put a lot of people out of work in the oil industry, and cause the value of oil companies to plummet. Although, there would still be a demand for oil in other areas like plastics and other petroleum based products.

Where is Stan Meyer now?
Stan Meyer died in 90s, and its not totally clear to what happened with all of WFC technology. Did the knowledge of how it works die with Stan or is it stored away some place?

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