Thursday, May 11, 2006

Google Press Day (New Stuff)

Google announced it was releasing four new products yesterday at its 'Press Day' conference in its Mountain View, CA headquarters (AKA GooglePlex).

  • Google Trends: Allows you to monitor trend statistics of keywords and search terms by date and geographic location.
  • Google Desktop (v.4): The next version of its Google desktop sidebar application, includes several new features and updated Gadgets (add-ins for Google Desktop).
  • Google Co-Op: This one is a little strange, its not very intuative. Basically You subscribe to different data sources (i.e.:,, etc.) and when you search you will see related information for the data sources you subscribed to.
  • Google Notebook (will be available next week on the Google Labs page): Its a plug-in that allows you to store notes of text and other media types, such as: pictures, sounds and more.
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