Thursday, July 08, 2004

Multi-Headed Linux

Since computers now have more processing power then most people can use. A computer lab in Brazil started a project looking for ways to better utilize the extra computational power. There idea was to setup one computer that four people could all share at once.

Their solution is being used by the C3SL (Center of Scientific Computation and Free Software) for the creation of a computer lab uses 15 computers to support 60 users. Each computer has 4 sets of displays, keyboards and mice, and each device operate independently. You can literally support four people using one computer.

War, VoIP, and Taxes
What do the Spanish-American War, VoIP and taxes have in common? Read the excerpt from an article that I found recently.

IRS eyes Net phone taxes, July 7, 2004, CNET, By: Ben Charny

"A 'temporary' tax created to pay for the Spanish-American War may result in higher fees for Internet telephone calls.

The IRS and the Treasury Department have suggested that an existing federal excise tax on phone calls should be interpreted to apply to voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls, a move that promises to roil the fast-growing industry and follows similar attempts by state officials to tax or regulate the technology."

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