Monday, July 19, 2004

Misc. Links

- The new Roomba, the little robotic vaccum that sucks. :-)
- Peter's Evil Overlord List - The Top 100 Things I'd Do, If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord
- The Super-Alpha-Uber-Geek, GeekMan!: The action figure for the rest of us...
- Star Trek Apartment: For about USD$1,000,000 you can have this place for yourself.
- Hybrid Medical Animation: Very cool medical animations.
- Abston Church of Christ: It's a church made of Legos. Check out the detail...
- Microsoft Research Site: See the latest in Microsoft research
- BBC Archive: The BBC is making their audio and video content available
- Google Blog: Inside the mind of Google.
- Software Development Cycle (Humor)
- Bloopers and goofs from movies and TV shows
- InterNIC: Short for Internet Network Information Center, basically this site is a relic of the Internet's past. For more information, see Marznet's Great Moments in Computer History
- Fast Amphibious Sport Cars
- WaterCar
- Gibbs Aquada

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