Friday, June 01, 2012

How Piracy and Pornography Drive Technology

Here is an excerpt from the article: "Over the years piracy and pornography have played accidental roles in defining the direction of technology and creating new commercial business models. I want to state that this article is not advocating piracy or pornography, but shows how it unintentionally drives technological and business innovation, by influencing customer buying decisions.

Throughout history sexual content has influence language, art (e.g. sculptures, drawings, paintings, etc.), printing (Pietro Aretino's Postures (1524)), photography, film, cable, telephone, computer (e.g. content and games), VHS, DVD, Internet Streaming. The basic appeal of sexual content has help standardize technologies when there are media format wars such as VHS vs. Beta. Its often speculated the VHS won this format war because the pornography industry backed the VHS standard, because Sony refused to allow sexual content on the Betamax system." (read the rest of the  article )
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