Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Macs Don`t Matter So Much to Apple Anymore: 10 Reasons Why

eWeek reports: "When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak first started their company, they called it Apple Computer. It was a name that lived on through decades. But a few years ago, Apple officially dropped “Computer” from its name. And now, the company is known as, simply, Apple. Although some called the name change symbolic, today, it seems to be quite fitting. Apple is no longer a computer company that focuses its efforts on delivering the best machines users can buy. The company is now an electronics maker. And it wants to be the world’s top hardware maker going forward. But in order to achieve that goal, Apple has forgotten about Macs. And although those computers are still somewhat important to the company, they aren’t nearly as important to Steve Jobs and Company as they were years ago. Read on to find out why Macs don’t matter to Apple as much as they once did."

I wonder if this is true? Time will tell.
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