Thursday, January 10, 2008

Photos: Tata's $2,500 car

CNET reports: "You've undoubtedly heard of the iPod Nano, and may even have the tiny music player tucked in a pocket or hanging from a lanyard around your neck. You can't tote the Tata Nano that way, but New Delhi-based Tata Motors is hoping its new subcompact has as powerful an effect on the automotive market as Apple's iPod did in media gadgetry."

Sometimes innovations like this in countries with very large populations that are becoming more modernized can be scary from a world resource perspective. Although, I really have no right to talk because in the U.S. we think cars are a birthright. Also in the U.S. we consume more resources then any industrialized country (for example see the following site).

With the U.S. depleting the world energy reserves like we are, what is going to happen when several million (or even worse hundreds of million) more cars hit the road? What I am trying to say, expect the future to be very interesting as far as energy and environmental issues go in the next decade or two. I expect that is when we will really start to realize the dramatic changes that can happen.
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