Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Drobo unveils NAS add-on at MacWorld

TechRepublic.com reports: "Last week, while I was at CES, I had the chance to talk with Data Robotics, Inc. CEO and co-founder Geoff Barrall about a new product the company was planning to announce at MacWorld this week. ... Today, the company officially announced a hardware add-on called DroboShare that adds network-attached storage functionality to the Drobo, their popular backup solution that I reviewed last year."

Drobo is a popular external storage solution. What makes this device popular is how it handles hard drives. You can literally increase the capacity of the device on the fly by swapping out an existing hard drive for a larger one. Also if a hard drive fails all you have do is replace it and not worry about losing your data.

One of the big criticisms of this device was that it had to be connect to a computer in order to work. Well, they have solved that problem with a new add-on. Now all they have to do is bring down the cost.

See the article for more information.
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