Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Opinion: Why Amazon's Kindle is revolutionary

Mike Elgan reports: "Last April, I wrote a column titled, 'Why e-books are bound to fail.' My reasons: cost, the availability of better alternatives and, most importantly, book lovers love paper books. I was wrong. This week, I set out this week to deflate the hype about Amazon's new Kindle e-book reader and to tell you why it will fail. But while researching this column, I became convinced of the opposite: Kindle is revolutionary and will succeed in the market. Some percentage of book lovers, including me, will buy one to replace their beloved paper books, magazines and newspapers."

I agree with Mike Elgan on a lot of his opinions in this article. It is a pretty amazing device. Although, what makes it really amazing is its wireless connection, it opens up a whole new worlds of content and features for the reader.

Hats off to Amazon for making a great ebook device.
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