Thursday, November 22, 2007

Finding Nintendo Wiis

Finding Nintendo Wiis can be a very difficult thing to buy these days. It's the only device that I can think of that has stayed in short supply for such a long time. There are units available to buy, but they sell out very fast.

One piece of advice for finding a Wii, is to check with your local retailer who sells them and find out when they receive their weekly shipments. Call or show up at the store on those days and see if they have received any new units.

Sometimes Wiis that are sold in a bundle package of games and accessories tend to have better availability because of there higher cost, then the console only systems. If you like the stuff that is included in the bundle then this might be a good deal, otherwise you're just buying stuff that you don't need.

To help in your search for the game console, I have included the links below to Wii Trackers. These sites can help you find a system of your very own.
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