Friday, September 21, 2007

How to Buy a GPS

PC Magazine reports: "The portable GPS market has virtually exploded in the last year or two. On the one hand, it means more choices for consumers, one the other hand it means that shopping for a GPS device can be quite an overwhelming experience. In order to get your money's worth, you should consider how often and for what purpose you will use the device. Do you want a multipurpose system that will play your music and display your photos in addition to getting you to your destination? Or do you just want an inexpensive, basic device that will just keep you from getting lost? You also need to think about the types of trips you'll use a GPS for—whether you're looking to avoid traffic on the way to work or find the shortest route to grandma's house or both, choosing the GPS with the right feature set is key. We help you wade through the options by breaking down the specs and sharing some of our favorite GPS devices. Be sure to read our guide before you buy."

I am always keeping my eye out for the ultimate affordable (i.e.: best features for a great price) portable GPS for my car. Although, I have to admit I am still looking.
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