Thursday, September 20, 2007

7 reasons why Linux won't succeed on the desktop reports: "There are at least seven solid reasons, which I'll detail below, why Linux hasn't moved the needle beyond a single-digit desktop market share since it hit the scene in 1991, and never will. Desktop Linux's failure to launch is all the more mystifying when you consider that it's hard to think of any technology which has been backed by such an enthusiastic and committed group of supporters. Unfortunately, that boost has largely backfired."

Personally I like and respect the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. I use Windows as my primary OS, but I could easily use OS X or Linux if I choose to. Windows is a great OS for me. Although I will admit I enjoy dabbling in the other OSs once in while.

My biggest problem with the Mac or Linux operating systems, are the OS zealots. I get really tired of the all anti-Windows/Microsoft rhetoric. Each OS has its own pros and cons. Finally, there is no such thing as the perfect OS. My suggestion is just pick one, and use it.

The article makes some good points about why Linux will won't become the predominant desktop OS.
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