Sunday, January 07, 2007

Article: LG to End HD Format Wars - CES 2007

PC Magazine reports: "Could the HD-DVD vs Blue-Ray wars end with a whimper instead of bang? It sounds like a distinct possibility now that Korean-based electronics manufacturer LG announced that it will unveil the world's first dual-format high definition disc player next week at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. That's right, Blu-ray and HD-DVD living in perfect harmony. ... It unclear right now if LG has the blessings of Blu-ray camp (Sony and its partners) or the HD-DVD camps (Toshiba, Microsoft, et al), but the introduction of this drive could be good news for consumers and the movie industry, which has been scrambling to fill both format platforms with new content."

Personally I believe this is the best possible solution for both formats. By having a multi-format drive, you don't have to worry if it will play on your computer or component system.
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