Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Google finds its map service (Article)

CNET News.com reports: "In its latest play in the ongoing search wars, Google on Tuesday quietly launched a beta site for a new map service."

It is amazing what Google has been able index, and allows you to search. First it was web pages, then images, then electronic documents (such as: .pdf files, .doc files), etc. It seems like you can almost find everything in Google.

Although Google is not perfect, and is getting better all the time. For example, Google recently started experimenting with video search. They're not the first or the last to have this type of search technology, other sites have been offering it for years. What Google has going for it, is that they're becoming the one place to go to find almost anything.

Yahoo and MSN have some great features, and services that are pretty cool. For example, nobody beats Yahoo for personal portal services (see: My Yahoo) Although in my mind nothing beats Google for searching the web.
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