Wednesday, October 01, 2003


- Windows Longhorn Build 4029 Gallery 2: Early screen shots of next version of desktop version of Windows.
- Silent pump for water-cooled PCs developed (Electro-osmosis): CPU are running hotter and hotter, and fans are having a hard time keeping chips cool. Enter liquid cooling, it cools the chips better and it's quiet. The biggest problem is the expense, and the case modifications that are required
- Using cellophane to convert a laptop computer screen into a three-dimensional display: The poor mans 3D display.

- The latest works (Optical Illusions): This site features some cool optical illusions.
- Free 3-D papercraft projects: This site features some awesome paper projects.

- Modified car, driving backwards through traffic (14Meg): This is just a weird video...

- Matrix Revolution Trailer: This site has one of the worst navigation systems I have ever seen, but it try hard enough you will find the trailer and a bunch of other cool stuff.
- The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King trailer: I think the title speaks for itself.

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