Friday, October 10, 2003

Interesting Tidbits...

Cloaking Device Made for Spammers
Spammers are annoying enough, but now they're getting together with hackers to create techniques that essentially make certain web sites untraceable. This make the war against spam is just like the drug war, it is only possible to put a small dent in the distribution of it.

Shift key breaks CD copy locks
A Princeton University student has published instructions for disabling a new anti-copying measures being tested on CDs by BMG, and it can as simple as holding down Shift key on your computer keyboard.

Commentary: Every single copy protection scheme has been cracked, and will be cracked. Some forms of copy protection are more sophisticated then others, and can be harder to break.

I do not advocate software piracy in any form, and I encourage people to support the copyright owners by buying the product(s) that they use. Athough personally, I despise any form of copy protection technology, I would encourage people not to buy products that use this technology.

They only reason that I am publishing the link to the story above to demonstrate a point about how easy some copy protection schemes can be broken.

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