Saturday, April 27, 2013

Article: The Robots Are Coming, and They're Taking Jobs

Below is an excerpt from an article about how advancements in robotics (or any other new technology) slowly replace existing jobs and how to stay relevant: "It seems like every time a new technology gets created, it threatens the livelihood of individuals that derive their income from that industry. Progress destroys some jobs (generally low skilled), but at the same time it always seems to create new jobs (generally higher skilled).

Consider when the first cars came on the road, it literally killed a whole industry that was created around horses and related types of vehicles and the infrastructure needed to maintain it. For example, horse related jobs like: breeders, ranchers, stables, etc. became obsolete (or needed less) over time, but it also created thousands of new jobs that required newer skill sets, to support the car industry." (read the rest of the article)
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