Thursday, December 06, 2012

Transforming Apartment: Living With Less as More (Video)

For the last few years I have seen multiple online videos where designers are exploring customized movable "funiture-walls".  These movable wall have built-in furniture and other spaces such as closets and places for different appliances like TVs, computers, etc. to fully utilize small areas (for example, 400 sq ft and less).  It gets you wondering if this could be the future of apartment design?  I am also wondering if it will create a fads like "less is more hip then big" or "my apartment generates less carbon then yours".

I have to personally admit I am a fan of this trend, and I would live in one of these apartments if they were available.  I like the idea of being able to transform the apartment as needed.  For example, if you have guests that are staying over, you move a wall and pull out of full-size foldable bed.  Or you could hide the master bedroom by moving another wall, and open up a living room area for working, eating, entertaining or relaxing.

I am not big on having a lot of space that I don't use, have to clean and heat.  Personally I believe if I don't use something, then I should get rid of it (although I have to admit I am still working on practicing what I preach when I say this).

Excerpt from video description: "barcode room is a concept studio apartment composed of product furniture-walls which move freely from side to side, permitting the resident to customize the size of space to fit a variety of uses. Placing functional elements such as storage and furniture into these walls, only to be pulled out when in use, also allows for more of the floor area to be used by the inhabitant and guests, thus creating a space where one is able to both comfortably live and entertain a different number of guests easily." (read the rest of the article)

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