Tuesday, August 21, 2012

iPad Based Telepresence Robot (or Robotic iPad on a Stick)

Double Robotics (doublerobotics.com) has created a product called "Double" that turns an iPad into a telepresence robot for about $2500 (or $1900 if you pre-ordered).
Note: iPad is not included in that price.
It basically looks like an iPad riding around a minimalist version of a Segway scooter that allows someone to remotely interact with people in different environments, such as offices, schools, and more.

I am not sure if this device can be controlled by anything other then another iPad. The device looks cool in concept, but I am not sure how practical in real life it would be. For example, what happens if it hits something that knocks the robot down, how much force would it take to break the iPad?

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