Thursday, February 10, 2011

Internet almost out of space with allocation of last addresses

The Guardian reports: "The internet is full. Or, to be more precise, it has run out of new internet addresses – having used up almost 4 billion since being set up 40-odd years ago.

The Internet Address and Naming Agency (IANA), which doles out blocks of new internet addresses (consisting of machine-addressable numbers rather like a phone book), said on Tuesday morning that it will allocate the last seven remaining blocks of addresses this month, including three to the overall internet registrar for Asia and the Pacific."

For the last few years, lots of IT Pros have been perdiciting that we will run out of IPv4 addresses. What I think is going to happen now that it is more official, is that IP addresses will become a commodity, and a bidding war might start for IPv4 address block, until IPv6 is fully implemented.

I guess its now time to get serious about really learning IPv6.
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