Monday, November 08, 2010

Microsoft Products Still Lead the Pack: 10 Reasons Why - Enterprise Applications

eWeek reports: "Microsoft gets raked over the coals by critics quite a bit in the IT industry. Those folks say that the company is too big, it has lost its way and it’s failing to deliver the products that today’s consumers and even enterprise customers are really searching for. When it’s all said and done, those critics contend that Microsoft will lose its place as one of the dominant companies in the industry and become yet another big firm that has failed to evolve with changing times. In some cases, those critics might be right. The tablet space has been one market that has consistently hurt Microsoft. And as it attempts to transition its operation from a software-focused company to one that sees more value in the Web and advertising, it’s going through some growing pains. But aside from those issues, Microsoft is still a huge success. Recently, the company announced its first-quarter earnings and revealed that its revenue grew 51 percent during that period. Microsoft Office itself saw a 15 percent gain year-over-year, while the company’s Xbox 360 also enjoyed strong revenue growth. The company netted a profit of $5.41 billion on the quarter. Such success might throw some holes in the argument that Microsoft is on the way out. In fact, that success might more effectively show that the company is still very much the company to beat in the tech space. For as successful as Google, Apple and others have been, they have yet to take down Microsoft."
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