Friday, September 24, 2010

Object-Oriented Storage: 14 Things You May Not Know

eWeek reports: "Reducing storage costs is becoming a high agenda item for IT organizations, yet data and efficient access to it is an organization's most valuable asset. Struggling with the performance, scalability and management complexity required to maintain conventional file-based storage systems is a losing battle if data needs to be stored more than 90 days. One way to approach this is to use an object-oriented storage system, which simplifies the process. Object-oriented storage differs from unstructured file storage in that the objects filed are not housed in volumes or attached to a directory. Objects are simply assigned an ID number or name with detailed metadata and can be retrieved at any time."

I wonder if this might be the next generation of mass storage. It sounds like it has several advantages according to the slide-show, but what I would like to know are the disadvantages to this technology. That is what I am trying to research now.

If you want more information on this technology, check out the following resources:
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