Friday, July 21, 2006

Calling 411 For Free (updated)

If you want to call 411 from your cell phone, it will cost you about $1 or more. This is a little too expensive for my taste.

The great news is that there are free alternatives for finding phone numbers, but you will have to listen to ads to get your numbers:
  • Free 411 (1-800-FREE-411): Automated 411 phone service that requires you a listen to a 15 second ad to use the service.
  • 1-800-411-METRO (6387): You listen to more ads, but you get to talk to a real human and the service connects you to phone number for free.
  • 1-800-555-1212: Automated toll free directory assistance, no ads, and live operators during the day.
There is also:
  • Google's SMS: Type something like "pizza san francisco ca" and SMS to the following number to 46645. You will get a few listings that match your query.
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