Saturday, February 11, 2006

PC Industry Looks to Transform Firmware

eWeek reports: "In a move that experts say promises to lead to fewer headaches for IT staff by creating more stable and manageable desktops and notebooks, the PC industry has begun transitioning to the United Extensible Firmware Interface. Dubbed UEFI, the interface offers a standardized way for a PC's firmware, the underlying software that controls its hardware, to interact with the operating system. The new interface offers a standard method for loading an operating system, as well as running pre-boot applications."

One of the leftovers from the original IBM PC that's still in most modern personal computers is the system BIOS. The BIOS (which stand for Basic Input Output System) is what your computer uses to load the OS into memory after it is turned on.

The technology that the current BIOSs is based on is more then 20 years old, in PC time that is prehistoric. The new UEFI specification will allow the creation of new features that's not available in modern the BIOS.
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