Monday, January 30, 2006

Make a 3D Dodecahedron Calendar

Do you want to make your own 3D Dodecahedron Calendar? For those of you who don't know what a Dodecahedron is, its a 12 sided object. This seems like a great project for kids, or something to do when you're bored.

To make your calendar, follow the instruction below:
  • Select the calendar you want to create (either: the regular dodecahedron [which requires glue], or the rhombic dodecahedron [no glue required].
  • Select the year, language, and the day (Sunday or Monday) in which your week starts.
  • Finally select the format (PostScript or PDF). If you don't know which to choose, select PDF. Note: You can modify the PostScript file if you want to add birthdays to the calendar.
  • Press the download button, to get the file.
  • Then print it out, make sure to legal size paper, letter size paper may be too small.
  • Cut out the template, only cut on the solid lines.
  • Fold along each dotted line. Then apply glue to each folded tab and paste the tab underneath the 'petal' next to it.
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