Sunday, December 04, 2005

SNARF from Microsoft Research (the Social Network and Relationship Finder)

SNARF is Microsoft's new 'social network and relationship finder'. SNARF is based around the idea that messages might have different levels of importance based on whom they’re from. For example a message from your manager will have a difference level of importance then from someone whom you don't know. Microsoft calls this 'email triage', which handling the flow of messages when time is short and mail is long.

The SNARF UI is designed to provide a quick overview of all your unread mail, while organizing by the level of its importance. The UI shows a series of different panes with unread mail in them; each pane shows a list of authors of messages. Clicking on the name will show all messages involving that person.

System Requirements
SNARF requires Microsoft Outlook (2003, 2002) as a MAPI source. It has been tested with Exchange and MAPI servers, Hotmail, POP, IMAP, and the OL Connector for Lotus Notes.
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