Sunday, October 16, 2005

What is Google Up To... (continued)

In a previous article I covered all the services that Google is offering to hopeful decipher where it may be going in the future. Although recently some new announcements have been made by and about Google, about new services and alliances that they have been making:
  • Google Reader: Browser-based RSS reader. This is one of the best RSS readers of its type that I have seen.
  • Google Wallet: Google's answer to Paypal. Google will need to do something really special if it wants to compete against Paypal's dominance. (Note: This service is not released yet.)
  • Google and Comcast are talking to Time Warner about buying parts of AOL. This will be interesting to see what parts of AOL that Google really wants.
  • Sun and Google forge tactical alliance. I am not sure what will really come out of this.
All I can say is knowing Google, whatever their future is it should be cool...
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