Thursday, August 25, 2005

Top Security Suites for Your New PC (Article)

PC Magazine reports: "We know the scenario: You just bought a shiny new computer, and the adrenalin builds as you break it out of the box and hook it up. The first thing you'll want to do is plug it in and surf the Web, but resist this temptation, at least for a little bit. Your number one priority should be installing security software. Think about it: That new PC is completely gunk free, and your only chance of keeping it clean is to protect it right from the start."

Security suites have been around for several years now. I have not been a big fan of these bloatware application suites, but unfortunately they're becoming more and more important.

The integrated software security suites do have certain advantages. The biggest being that all the tools compliment each other rather then a mishmash of tools.

Before you buy any of these security software packages, I would recommend reading the following article. It gives a good overview of the Pro and Cons of the different suites.
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